nailed down installation

Nail Down Installation

This is the most common method of installation if you are looking for solid! flooring. In this process, flooring is directly nailed to a wood subfloor. This installation works for solid and engineered floors but only with a wood subfloorAfter installation, the nails are not invisible. On one side of the wood! plank, the edge has a tongue, which is where it is blind nailed. This allows the floor to be sanded down in the future.  This method of installation is economical and fast.  With the use of a nailer and a mallet!  Our team is experts and qualified to do these types of installations!!!!

Glued Down Installation

As the name suggests adhesives or glue are used in this method! of installation. Hardwood flooring is adhered to the subfloor using high-quality adhesives. Through a chemical! reaction, adhesives create a strong bond between wood flooring and the subfloor. Our experts will use specific adhesives as per manufacturer specification and depending upon your floor type to make sure that! your hardwood floor bonds firmly to the subfloor for a solid feel!  Glue is particularly used when installing engineered flooring and parquets. Glue-down installation is also considered the most stable method! of installation. Because the glue used in this process has elasticity quality which helps the floor to expand and contract itself naturally with the seasons. You will get additional benefits from moisture and sound insulation because we use high-quality adhesives.!!!!


glued down installation
Floating Installation

Floating Installation

When it comes to laying flooring this method! of installation is probably the quickest and most cost-effective option. There is no use of nails or glues to lay the floor whether it is hardwood, vinyl, or laminate. In this method of installation, boards are designed in such a way that! they can click and lock together!!!.  Depending on the material a floating floor can be laid on top of a wide variety! of surfaces which is what makes this a popular option.  Before using this method the level and flatness of the subfloor and its dryness must be checked! Before the installation of flooring, a plastic moisture barrier will be laid on the subfloor. The beautiful thing about this method! is if at any time you need to do a repair or replace some boards you can simply remove the problematic boards and replace them as needed!!!

Custom Floor Designs

Custom Flooring Experts is a one-stop destination for customized! flooring. We have different floor designs and different! installation methods. Whether you’ve seen something in a magazine or have an idea for something really cool or would like a professional floor design opinion you’ve come to the right place.  We are capable of customizing floor designs from simple to exotic!  If needed, we can guide you step-by-step in selecting the flooring selections and! design or layout. From traditional to contemporary we have all styles.  We will also show you the different types of woods, stains, borders, medallions, parquetry, and inlays to help get the right look!!!

custom design patterns