sand and finish stairs and hand rails

Sand And Finish Staircase And Handrails

Over time wear and tear begins to show on the staircases and handrails Old finish paint! should be removed first completely so that further finishing can be done. Sanding should be done first before finishing either using a finish remover or an electronic sander. After stripping off old paint finishing and! staining will be done giving smoothness and luster to the staircase and handrails. Sanding and finishing will remove all the scratches from the staircases and handrails and make them look and feel beautiful…

Custom Staircases

A custom-made staircase adds beauty and character to your home. It is a kind of masterpiece that becomes a center of attraction for people. We have experts who can customize staircases as per your needs and wants! The aim of customizing staircases is to increase their functionalities. We have various types of staircases to choose from, like Scissor Switch Staircase Straight Run Staircase Curved, Staircase Spiral Staircase Winder Switch Staircase, and many more. You can also design your staircases on your own like their, railing shape and finishes! Then give us the details we can make it real for you. A staircase is a reflection of your nicely designed home, so make sure it is elegant and personable.!!!

custom staircases
wood staircase

Wood Staircase

Wood stairs can fit any room or area and they radiate nature and warmth. You can feel nature in your home they bring well-being and homeliness too. The classic and exclusive wood staircases have their beauty and charm that enhance the beauty of your space. These stairs look decent and are very aesthetic. We have a huge collection of designs you can, choose any design and type of wood. We have experience and expert craftsmen who make staircases with different designs styles and types and deliver a high quality of work With wood flooring and other things wood staircases will make your house more elegant. They are classy complement the look of homes and add a touch of nature and the outdoors. As time passes by wood staircases look more beautiful just little care and handling are required. To create a natural look they are usually hand made so they add great value to your space. They can be maintained and refinished easily after wear and tear for years. With less maintenance time, they are durable and last for a longer time. Wood is a natural material and can be easily cleaned.

Floating Staircase

Floating staircases are the future of staircases. They are designed in such a way that they take little space and minimize the supporting structure of the staircase. When the support will be hidden it will give the impression that the stairs are floating. In open space, floating stairs remove the visual obstructions and the area look more free and spacious. There are no supports in between treads and this gives the illusion of floating stairs. Floating stairs are also known as Cantilever stairs. The treads are fixed to one end of a solid wall to ensure the stability of staircases. New modern houses consider these staircases in the design. Floating staircases are more functional than basic staircases and need less space. Even in small rooms, these staircases can be installed.

floating stairs
cable stair rails

Steel Cable Staircase Railings

Steel cable staircase railings are good options for commercial as well as residential spaces. It gives a contemporary look to your staircases and space. Incorporating steel cable railings in a staircase can transform any outdated space into a modern one. We use stainless steel in the making of cable railings, which resists corrosion to a very high extent. We offer a variety of design options for steel cable staircase railings.

Glass Staircase Railings

Glass staircase railings not only look classy and elegant but they are easy to install as well. We offer high-quality glass railing, to our clients. These railings are light in weight and give modern look to your spaces. These railings can be used in hotels, offices, homes, and commercial buildings! Glass railings have aesthetic appeal and they come in attractive designs. These railings, require low maintenance and are highly resistant to corrosion. The fitting of glass railings can be done with other materials like stainless steel or wood.

glass railing